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first post: roytje9 wrote: Message can be removed

Installation fails.

first post: w0ut wrote: The installation returns errors. And the file naming is terrible.Se...

Won't appear as a feature

first post: jamesvdm wrote: I've installed, deployed, reinstalled, redployed, removed and over ...

latest post: 2nd_timer wrote: I received the same 401 error when using in https. Have you found ...

bad path to image

first post: ccm2909 wrote: Hi, Thanks for this it is great btw. I am having a little proble...

latest post: wby933 wrote: Has there been any resolution to this?


first post: matt9250 wrote: I'm excited to use this, but how do I install it?  Thanks.

latest post: alvinsreyes wrote: Another thing, I can't deactive this feature.

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